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Title: Fivefold Celebrations
Author: Mimi The Muse
Word Count: 5 x 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Severus celebrates five year milestones in his new life after the Second War. In the same universe as "Everything Old Is New Again."


The fact that Headmaster Snape was married at all was enough to make most of the Hogwarts students shake their heads in confusion. That he was married to a younger, beautiful woman was even more puzzling. But here they were, mismatched as they might be, content and warm after making love on their fifth anniversary.

"They said it wouldn't last..." He drawled teasingly to his wife.

"Love is the only thing that lasts." She kissed him softly.

Let them say what they will, Severus Snape had finally found the two things he thought he would never find...love and happiness.


Severus hated fancy gatherings, and now that they were on the fifth year anniversary of the Second War's end, he was feeling rather intolerant of this trampling up of old ghosts.

He sat there, trying to look humble instead of annoyed and listen to Minister Shacklebolt ramble on. In the row in front of him, Ron Weasley was falling asleep. On one side of him, Harry Potter looked thoughtful. On the other, Severus' own wife and children.

When his two year old daughter started howling loud enough to stop the Minister's speech, Severus smiled for the first time that day.


"Severus..." Sera frowned in concern. "Are you sure five isn't too young for a training broom?"

"Nonsense, Shane is very smart for his age," Severus scoffed lightly as they watched the boy flying around on his birthday present.

"Look what I can do!" Their son called out then, streaking past them perhaps a little too fast, throwing his hands up in the air. "See? No hands!"

Severus winced as he saw Shane slip off the broom and hit the grass with a soft thud. He didn't have to turn his head to feel Sera glaring daggers at him. "Oh crap."


"This is my fifth year as Headmaster at this school," Severus intoned solemnly. "And every year, it is my wish to see this school become stronger and better. My staff and I can teach you to ensnare the senses, bewitch the mind, and fulfill your destinies..."

He frowned a little. Merlin did he hate making these speeches. "...and if you misbehave, I will have your arse and make you regret the day you were born."

As he sat back down, Minerva McGonagall gave him a disapproving frown. He merely smiled in return. She had her way, he had his.


After a day of chasing a group of five year old girls around Seraphina was exhausted and glad to give Severus the children while she tried to clean up the aftermath of their daughter's birthday party. It was also the perfect time for Severus to give his daughter a special present just from him. After all, she was Daddy's little girl.

"Ohhhhhh!" Sapphire's eyes widened when she saw the collection of classic wizarding books for children in the package. "Daddy, do we have to wait until bedtime to read them? Can't we start now?"

A child after his own heart.



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